At First Presbyterian Church, we offer many opportunities for both members and non-members to serve others. To get involved, select your interests from the list below, enter your contact information and click SUBMIT.  A staff member or volunteer will be in touch with you. 

are needed periodically to help with bulk mailings.  We also need general administrative help from time to time.

assist with the Sanctuary Flower Ministry.

members help keep an eye on the beauty of our outdoor spaces.

assist in our library with filing, stacking books, re-shelving books and selecting books for various publications and exhibits.

greet people and answer the phone on weekday mornings.

volunteers are needed to visit persons who are homebound or hospitalized. Visits may be done individually or with a pastor.

 serve refreshments at receptions following funerals.

volunteers assist disabled persons at church or with transportation.

are arranged and delivered by volunteers after worship services. You may volunteer to arrange, deliver or both.

help with meals prepared at FPC and delivered to homebound persons along a planned delivery route.  You may choose how often you wish to pack or deliver meals.

occasionally needs volunteers to plan or escort seniors on periodic outings or host events at the church.

conduct and facilitate children's grief seminars.  Training is provided.

participants are lay persons who are trained by FPC to provide spiritual support to fellow church members during hours of need.

are needed to foster connectedness and a sense of belonging among members of our church family by linking individuals and families geographically into diverse parish groups.

volunteers help plan and lead programs that promote fun fellowship experiences.

are another part of our Hospitality Ministry to welcome visitors and direct them to classes and Sunday worship services.

volunteers help provide insight and vision to the broadcast ministry and all audio and visual needs of the church.

(amateur and professional) are needed to document events for publications and the Web site.

operate the audio board during the 10:45 and sometimes the 8:30 services. Experienced audio technicians are welcome; however, no experience is required. Extensive training is needed.

operate the TV cameras during the 10:45 worship service. Although no experience is required, some training is needed. (Ages 13 and up, please). Experienced camera operators have the opportunity to do freelance camera work.

needs volunteers in the afternoons to meet and greet clients coming to the Community Ministries offices for services.

needs volunteers each night to either provide the evening meal or stay the night. Volunteers also are needed to serve as scheduling coordinators (providing reminders to volunteers) or to provide occasional meals that can be frozen for unexpected emergencies.

serves the homeless of midtown Atlanta.  Volunteers are needed to assist with a variety of projects.

provides housing for low-income families. Volunteer tasks include recruiting and organizing volunteers, soliciting funds or materials, supplying refreshments for workers, or carpentry, painting and plumbing.

 works with homeless disabled individuals to determine what services they need and to link them with these services.  Volunteers are needed to greet, counsel, be a friend to and pray with these individuals.

provides foot care to homeless individuals every Wednesday afternoon.  Volunteers are needed to provide foot care and to shop for supplies.

provides homeless men with a fresh set of clothing and gives them the opportunity to shower. Volunteers are needed to help sort and dispense the clothing.

is a unique covenant between FPC and Hillside Presbyterian Church designed to break social barriers and promote building bridges in the larger community. Volunteers are needed in a variety of areas through the Partnership, including:

needs volunteers to serve as mentors and commit to one hour per month to look over personal budgets and set goals for individuals who have already successfully completed a four course curriculum of study in finance.  Volunteers commit to working with participants for nine months.

needs volunteers to serve as mentors for participants by committing to a phone call once a week to encourage participants to stay on medications.

uses volunteers who serve once a month as a driver or chaperone transporting families to visit loved ones in prison.  These visits take place on the second Saturday of the month.  Volunteers are rotated on an as-needed basis.

, a tutorial/mentor assistance program that provides one hour per week one-on-one reading and math tutoring to children in the Hillside community who attend an area school and have been identified as needing assistance. Tutors commit to working with a child throughout the academic year.

for the homeless serves 200 - 400 homeless persons each Sunday morning in Fifield Hall.  Volunteers may be scheduled to work certain Sundays or may "show up" whenever convenient to help cook the meal or to serve it.

provides food to persons who need emergency assistance.  Volunteers may stock the shelves or pack bags of groceries at any time during the week or weekends, or they may shop for food.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, volunteers interview clients and dispense food.

– The Adult Discipleship Council supports, equips, and casts vision for various FPC ministries focused on Christian education and fellowship, including Adult Sunday School classes, small groups, Men’s and Women’s ministries, retreats, special speakers, curriculum and media.

– serve as a leader for a weekday or weeknight Bible study that meets at the church or in a neighborhood around Atlanta.

– serve as a facilitator for a weekday small group that meets for fellowship and spiritual growth at the church or in neighborhoods around Atlanta. Example groups are the Working Women’s Book Club, Lent Small Groups and Moms Seeking More.

– help plan and lead the various small groups, fellowship events, and special speakers that are associated with either our Men’s or Women’s ministry.

– work as part of a team that helps facilitate and support one of our main Sunday School classes.

– partner with FPC staff in developing Bible study curriculum, Lent and Advent devotional booklets, special educational trips and retreats, and leadership resources.

are 4th and 5th grade worship leaders who bring the "Light of Christ" into the Sanctuary during the worship services or serve as scripture readers from the pulpit.

plans, organizes and implements service, social, study and mission events designed to help families grow together in faith.

plan and lead any of our special events throughout the year, including Hanging of the Greens, Christmas Pageant, Easter Egg Hunt, and more!

help on the Nursery, Preschool, and Elementary hallways on Sunday mornings in 1- or 2- hour shifts (3 shifts per semester).

help to plan and implement new and existing mission and service efforts for our children, including FPC Service Day.

work as a team to lead an age-level class in provided Bible lesson, craft, and activities.

fill a variety of needs for our one week VBS in the summer. Volunteers can teach, shepherd, help with craft projects, music and snack preparations.

Global Mission Partnerships

: Since 1997, FPC has partnered with the Independent Presbyterian Church of Fortaleza, Brazil, working on education with technology and planning new programs for cooperative learning. Our relationship with the Messejana Church includes micro finance projects, a soup kitchen, facilitating Bible studies, and outreach in other communities, such as Pacajus. We also work at Pirambu, providing Vacation Bible School to over 100 children.

: Our partnership in Cuba with the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in the small town of Perico is an exciting venture as the relationship between the United States and Cuba opens up. Mission teams from FPC have worked with our friends in Perico to install a water purification system that serves the town, and to do eye testing and eyeglass distribution. A Bible school for children is a favorite part of trips to Cuba.

: FPC has partnered with the Episcopal Church of Haiti for over 20 years, working together in health, education and economic development at Holy Cross Church and School in Nouvelle Cite. Our joint efforts include a lunch program that feeds over 200 children who attend Holy Cross every day and a micro finance program that is making a difference in the lives of many families and teachers at Holy Cross.

: Since 1993, FPC youth and families have traveled to Honduras, working primarily in partnership with the Calvary Chapel to build homes in Colonia for families in need.

: Along with Hillside Presbyterian Church, FPC has partnered with the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands since 2003. Together, the three churches work on projects at the Mt. Olivet Boys' Home in Mandeville, Vacation Bible School in Negril, micro finance projects, and developing a relationship between Knox College and Mt. Olivet Boys' Home.

: Our partnership in Kenya began in 1995 with the Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA). Today we work with the Presbyterian Women's Guild of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (our sister Church). We support Tumaini Children's Center, a home for children suffering from HIV. We also partner with Mt. Kenya Academy, an independent Christian co-educational school in Nyeri. Together we work with the community at Chaka on micro finance programs.

: Since 2011, FPC was worked with Project Homecoming in New Orleans, helping that community repair homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Local Ministry Partnerships

stands for Atlanta Ministry with International Students. This ecumenical program is a ministry of friendship and hospitality to over 5,000 international students and scholars from 130 countries studying in the 10 Metro Atlanta colleges and universities. Their work involves the following programs: Amigo Friendship (providing friends to international students through the school year), Christmas International House (providing hosts for international students during the Christmas holidays), International Students Welcome Reception (annual event in honor of the students), and Thanksgiving Hosts (providing hosts for international students by inviting them to a meal on Thanksgiving Day.

shows the wonder of medicine and the spirit of love. Childspring offers medical care and healthier living conditions to impoverished children. Childspring's main purpose is to heal children physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally, by providing medical care, unconditional love, and scholarships when they return to their home countries.

sponsors refugee families and assists with getting families settled in the Atlanta area. With Hillside Presbyterian, FPC supports a refugee family every year, relying on donations of furniture, appliances, linens, food, etc., from the FPC community.

houses doctors and health professionals from around the world while they attend short programs at Emory and other institutions in the Atlanta area. Volunteers spend one evening a month visiting with and providing transportation to the grocery store for Villa guests.

is an alternative gift market that offers opportunities to provide support for FPC mission partners in addition to the church’s benevolences. God’s Gift Shop provides tangible ways to share God's love with a hurting world and giving meaningful gifts to family, friends and colleagues.

- First Presbyterian’s Micro Finance Programs provide small loans to small businesses with established connections to our mission partners. Our mission partners identify and evaluate applicants and opportunities and are responsible for program administration, oversight and accountability. FPC is involved with micro finance in Brazil, Haiti, Jamaica, and Kenya.

members are needed for the 10:45 worship service throughout the year, as well as special services and concerts. Repertoire ranges from early music to Gospels and Spirituals. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings.

are open to children from 4 years old (Butterflies) through 5th grade. Rehearsals are on Sunday mornings.

are needed to assist the director with classroom management during rehearsals.

is a chamber orchestra that plays occasionally during Sunday worship, as well as for special services and concerts in the Musica Sacra series. Repertoire includes works for orchestra solo, orchestra and choir, and solo concertos. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings.

ringers as well as substitutes are needed to play occasionally during Sunday worship, special services and concerts. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evenings.

- The School of Fine Arts provides private lessons for a large variety of instruments and group classes for all ages in various areas of the arts.

consists of members who oversee and maintain the supply of Bibles, hymnals and brochures in the pew racks.  They also check the friendship pads located in each pew and any brochures or information placed in the pew racks.  In addition, members of the committee help to keep the Robing Room in order and see to the repair of clergy robes and stoles.

are organized into 8 teams consisting of 12-14 members each. For each of our worship services, their primary responsibilities are to welcome visitors and members into the church for worship, to escort them to their seats and to collect the offering.  Ushers will typically serve at one service each month.

are needed for special noon services during Holy Week and the Christmas season and occasionally for memorials or funerals.

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